"Instructions For Buying Ticket"

Locate a seller:

Contact seller nearest to you. They will have physical tickets available for purchase.

Select your numbers:

Decide on the numbers you wish to play.You may need to choose a set of numbers within a particular range or use quick-pick options.

Specify the number of tickets:

Inform the seller about the number of tickets you want to purchase for the selected lottery game. You may buy multiple tickets if desired.

Pay for the tickets:

Provide the necessary payment to the seller for the total cost of the tickets. We accept cash or card payment .

Receive your tickets:

Once the payment is made, the seller will provide you with the physical tickets representing your entries. Ensure that you receive the tickets and keep them in a safe place..

Ticket verification:

Double-check your tickets before leaving the seller's location to ensure that the numbers and details are accurate.

Wait for the draw results:

Keep the tickets in a secure place until the draw date. Wait for the official draw results published on www.dessertlotto.com to find out if you have won a prize.